Mystryl Art


Mystryl creates art in various disciplines such as: painting, sketching, embroidery, body, performance, acting, music and tattooing. However, any medium that lends itself to art would certainly be considered. Art is assumption and that is what it should remain. Art does not define the artist, but it may define perception. 

Personal note from the artist:

First and foremost, Mystryl aims and supports carbon neutrality. To do so, Mystryl supports Green and uses recyclable materials where possible. It is also possible to offset carbon on all our products in our webshop, in an effort to reduce waste.

Life is a blank canvas, intimidating, vast and sometimes overwhelming. Few artists dare to wield their tools on that canvas and claim ownership of it. Even fewer dare to tweak that canvas, experiment and draw from within. Co-creating and colaborating with the God and Goddess, the ultimate artists. Art teaches us that there is not one reality. Only dream, perception, reflection, interpetation and consequently individual judgements that result in beliefs. Yet, it is that same judgment that defines the further iterations of that art. These judgments shape our reality, like a mandala with infinite expanding petals and fractals. Mystryl is a individual art collective hailing from many spaces and unseen dimensions, inspired by the firmament yet grounded in Mother Earth.